Wednesday, December 30, 2009

That VoDo That You Do So Well

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How does James Cameron do it?

In a world where 40-60% drop-off’s from your films first to second week of release is common and expected, Avatar bucks the trend. Not only did Avatar not have a steep decline in its second week of release, it’s numbers actually rose by 1.8%.

It’s going to be insanely hard for Cameron’s masterpiece to make money. I heard an absurd figure like $750 million was needed before it would break even at the box office, but with two weeks under his belt and a rise in box office charts it just might be possible. Domestically Avatar has already made over $200 million dollars – in two weekends.

Cameron’s Titanic spent at least ten weeks in the number one slot of the box office charts and went on to garner a record breaking amount of Oscars. While I don’t think Avatar will walk away with top nods at the Oscars this February, I won’t be surprised if Cameron breaks box office records once again.

Whatever mojo Cameron is using, I’d like to have a little of it myself. I just hope he doesn’t take another 12 years to release his next film.


Adam said...

Actually, all told, the film's taken in $661 million worldwide. I too was shocked at how slight the dropoff was from Week #1 to Week #2. I think that Jim's going to make a ton of money.

I agree with you in that I don't think he's going to get top digs at the Oscars this year, but I really need to wait and see how the 10 film format will play out before I can feel comfortable making predictions.

Chris W said...

I remember having the discussion with Megan that I wasn't sure AVATAR could break even. I now have no doubt in my mind it will. Nothing comes out this weekend so the box office will be owned by AVATAR and SHERLOCK HOLMES once again and the word of mouth on both is just growing. Between domestic and global Cameron will have done the nearly impossible once again. And just think about it, this just means he might get even MORE money for his next movie!!! Can you imagine?