Sunday, December 13, 2009

Megan's Decade: 2002

I'm pretty sure by 2002 I knew my heart belonged to the movies because by the end of 2002 I was looking into film school. I know for a fact that there three films carried me through that year, when I was still afraid of telling people what my major was.

Equilibrium: This is a movie that wasn’t advertised, no one heard of it and to this day most people don’t know what it is. Let me tell you that you’re missing out. Christopher dragged a bunch of us to this movie after seeing it once and I am so glad he did; I now rank this film with Blade Runner as one of my favorite visions of a dystopic future. The director even invented his own martial art style for the film.

Minority Report: Two of my favorite things – Spielberg & Sci-fi – what’s not to like? I can still pull out shots in this film that I adore and I don’t know when I watched it last. It is absolutely visually stunning.

Signs : I loved this film and I still remember going to Comic-Con in 2002, only a few days after it came out and seeing people who had made the tin foil hats. This is the movie that makes me desperately hope Joaquin Phoenix will keep acting. I’d enjoyed M. Knight Shyamalan’s other films but for me third time was the charm – Signs is my absolute favorite of his work and so many other people agree that I feel the need to quote Merrill and say “The nerds were right.”


Rick said...

Equilibrium is one of my favs. Saw it in the theater and still love how Christian Bale kicks ass, especially the end fight scene. Killing all those people walking down the hall = priceless

Chris W said...

I love all those movies. I too remember that Comic-Con and to this day hearing the piece of the score from the end of the movie with Merrill and the bat, much less seeing it gives me goosebumps. I also think the dinner table sequence with the "last meal" is one of the best Speilberg sequences he never actually directed.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't crazy about Minority Report but I really did love the art direction and designs they came up with some of the technology for it. Same with A.I., its too bad that he won't be doing any Sci-Fi for awhile now.