Friday, December 11, 2009

Megan's Decade: 2000

In 2000 I graduated high school and moved on the the world of higher learning. I was a proud member of the first class of the new millenium even though the great debate still rages about the round year (00) or the odd years (01) ending or start a new decade, millenium etc. All the numbers on the calender changed for us dude. That was significant. Deal with it. While I was going through that great transition, these movies stuck with me.

O Brother Where Art Thou: A Coen retelling of The Odyssey set in the depression. This is what happens when you let the Coen’s loose and I love what they produced.

Pitch Black: If you can invent a new science fiction film I will adore you forever. David Twohy did and this film is perfect. It’s disguised as a horror film set in space, but in reality it’s a tale of redemption unlike any I’ve ever seen.

Wonder Boys: I really can’t describe how much I love this movie. The tale of a lost professor and his lost students trying to navigate their lives is moving and downright hysterical. Wonder Boys is one of Curtis Hanson’s finest, and one of the most subtly witty films of the decade.


Adam Zanzie said...

I do like Wonder Boys a heck of a lot; nice change of pace for Curtis Hanson after the thrills of L.A. Confidential and The River Wild. O Brother isn't one of my favorite Coen films, but I have fond memories of it.

If I wanted to be adventurous I'd also say that De Palma's Mission to Mars was another fine addition to the year.

Senor Granto said...

Class of 2000 here too!

O Brother is one of those that gets better with each viewing, like most Cohen Brothers films.

Chris W said...

I think the beauty of the Coen Brothers is that pretty much all of them are great the 1st time out AND thry get better with subsequent viewings.