Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Decade

Everyone seems to be making their best of the decade lists but me. I tend to not do things like that because while I believe in awarding great films & great people for their work, I tend to have difficulty in ranking one film against another. Since I tend to have this issue I decided instead of doing a best of the decade list, I would look at what are my favorite films of the past decade…in no particular order because asking me to rank them in order would be like asking me to rank my favorite chocolates. It’s just not gonna happen. However, this is the decade I graduated from high school, went to film school, worked at a movie studio, made my first films and movies changed my life so I the films that stuck with me through all that need to be recognized.

So, over the next week or so, come back every day to see a new post and find out what films stick with me the most out of each year of cinema.

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Anonymous said...

Not my favorite decade I lived through but I guess your right in that its a signfigent one since its my first as an adult.

I look forward to the rest of your list since maybe it will make me see the rest of the 00's in a better light.