Saturday, December 19, 2009

Megan's Decade: 2008

2008 is a year that was filled with the most imporant personal goal of my life so far - I shot my first feature film. I scrapped, saved, cheated and assembled a great tem but I proved to myself that I can make a I just need people to see it.

Bottle Shock: This movie is just happy and it makes me happy. You watch it and you’re inspired to follow your passion. It’s a little film, slightly fictionalized, about a real winery in Napa that took part in a wine competition in France in 1976. I get a bit choked up every time Jim Barrett runs through the law office screaming in celebration.

Charlie Bartlett: This movie is the best high school comedy since Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and no one saw it. Charlie Bartlett is the odd ball high schooler that just wants to fit in, but in reality he does anything but; instead he offers counseling to all students in the boys bathroom and becomes the hero of the school. See it and fall in love with Anton Yelchin.

Iron Man: It’s no secret that I love this movie. If I could make a Superman film that does what this film did for its namesake I would die a happy director. I love Jon Favreau for making this movie and giving us back Robert Downey Jr. on an epic scale again.

Tropic Thunder: I know I am obsessed with movies about movies, but Tropic Thunder is one of the best Hollywood satires of the past century. Ironically, by playing a racially confused, pig-headed actor Robert Downey Jr. earned his first Oscar nomination since Chaplin.


Anonymous said...

I'll have to check out Charlie Bartlett, I had never heard of Yelchin until I saw Star Trek a few months back who was in little more than a cameo role. I just got back from seeing T4 and while that film was just average, I thought Anton did a good job and I wondered where he came from.

Megan said...

He's an interesting young actor and I think that he's going to go places.

Anonymous said...

I hope so too, always nice to see someone come out of left field like that and work their way up to interesting projects.