Thursday, December 17, 2009

Megan's Decade: 2006

This is hands down the single best year of movies in the decade that passed. I thank God for that because it also contained the single hardest event of my life so far, my younger brother almost died. I was very glad to have the escape of the movies then and if you ignore all of the other films I suggest you have to see the movies I remember here.

Children of Men: This isn’t just one of my favorite films of the decade, but one of my favorite films of all time. I’ve written about it before. If you haven’t seen it yet stop the excuses and see it.

The Fountain: During the credits of this movie it hit me; if I never fell in love it would be okay, because I know what love is really like because of The Fountain. This is not a film most people will understand, or want to see; however, if you can open your mind and just let the movie happen you might just finish the credits wondering why this movie wasn’t nominated for best picture.

The Lives of Others: I’ve never quite seen a movie like this one. People were mad at me when I was excited The Lives of Others beat Pan’s Labyrinth for the Oscar for Best Foreign Film, but this film is better.

Once: An Irish kitchen sink musical. If you had told me such a movie existed I would have laughed at you. Once is one of the most fantastic movies I’ve ever seen and everyone should see this movie.

Superman Returns: I don’t think this was a great movie, and in fact it’s a pretty dang bad Superman film – it commits some cannon follies big time. However, my little brother was in the hospital when this film came out, and I am such a boy blue fan & needed to escape reality, so the movie that I saw whenever things got too heavy was Superman Returns. The fact that this film came out when it did helped me get through one of the hardest times in my life and I will forever be thankful that it did.


Anonymous said...

Only just saw The Fountain fairly recently. I liked the "Mayan" story the best and thought the "Future" one was pretty original but was kind of left cold by the modern day one. Then again, a lot of people argue they are all the same.

I can probably guess some of your entries for 2007-2009 but I won't in case you haven't written them yet and read this first.

Megan said...

They're all written and posted so guess away.

I think The Fountain is fairly open to interpretation, but I would describe it like poetry; all 3 times are one story with the same characters fulfilling his emotional journey through visual metaphors.

Megan said...

In defense of my 2007 list Adam, that was a strange year, for me and cinema. I don't remember a lot of flicks from 2007 that blew me away.

Adam said...

Um, No Country For Old Men? There Will Be Blood?

Megan said...

I really like those movies, but at the end of the day they weren't the ones I had fun with and that I remember just inspiring me in that magical ways movies can.

I think they are brilliant films and definitely great ones, but they're not the ones I pop on when I want to be entertained with friends, or for a few hours of distraction. Remember Adam, this is not an academic list.

Adam said...

Ah, see though, you used the phrase "blew me away." I thought it applied to There Will Be Blood, at the very least. That one knocked me sideways.

Anonymous said...

Ordinarily, I would but with only 2008 and 2009 to go I assume most of your choices will have been covered in other entries. I should have gotten back here when you first started this series.

As for The Fountain, I guess that's what makes it so fun. None of my friends saw it, so I had a ball reading about all the theories on what it was really about online. Some seemed really out there but it was a film that made you think.

Megan said...

Turst me Adam, There Will Be Blood inspired me, but in different ways than the filsm I listed here inspire me. For one thing the score in There Will Be Blood was one of the few I referenced as wanting for my film.