Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Box office numbers through history kind of fascinate me. Things that are HUGE now if adjusted for inflation could be soooo tiny, and things that looking back at seem so small would actually be HUGE when adjusted for today.

I do not think that box office numbers are the sign of a great movie, or even my favorite movies, but I do think that if you combine good reciepts with great critical and fan praise it's probably a safe bet that your movie is a frackin' good movie.

Some people might know where this is going.

Like it or not JJ Abrams Star Trek is the highest box office draw in the history of the franchise. This is a giant accomplishment for everyone involved from the Studio & Rodenberry's family to the actors. It means Star Trek has finally started to appeal to more than a core fan base, an aging core fan base at that.

I am excited to see what Paramount does next with Kirk and his adventures. If only I could get back on the lot by the sequel...

To see the adjusted box office for all the franchise you can go to this article.


Anonymous said...

I had no idea The Long Voyage Home was so successful.

Megan said...

I think it benefited from being the follow-up to Wrath of Khan. Khan realyl revitalized the franchise.

Anonymous said...

Probably right, kind of like how no one liked the sequel to Jurassic Park but the numbers were through the roof anyway because of the hype.