Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rumors and Speculation!

I don’t normally do this but for once I’m going to jump into the speculation business. Recently there have been lots of cool rumors and reports running around the net, some of them have already been confirmed and some of them are still in the works. What follows are just some of the things that have me most excited about going to the movies over the next couple years.

*Peter Morgan, the BRILLIANT writer of THE QUEEN, FROST / NIXON and the LAST KING OF SCOTLAND will be joining Neal Purvis and Robert Wade (Writers of CASINO ROYALE and QUANTUM OF SOLACE) to write the next James Bond film! There are very few writers working in the industry that can hold a candle to Morgan’s talent and the last two Bond films were already brilliantly written, adding him to the equation has me chomping at the bit for 007’s next adventure.

*Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper are joining Joe Carnahan’s A-TEAM. First and foremost I have no idea when Joe Carnahan got his hands on this but thank God! John Singleton, the most boring action movie director working in the biz was originally slated to direct and there’s no way he would have made anything worthy of my childhood memory. To make things even better Neeson and Cooper are joining the cast as Hannibal and Face respectively! When can I buy my tickets please?

*Speaking of Bradley Cooper who turns in a star making performance in THE HANGOVER, he is also rumored to be in the running to play Hal Jordan for the big screen adaptation of GREEN LANTERN. This film is already being directed by Martin Campbell (MASK OF ZORO, CASINO ROYALE) one of the most underrated directors of the last 20 years so I expect great things, but if you throw Cooper into the mix as the emerald ring bearer I may lose my mind with excitement.

*Neil Marshall the guy behind DOG SOLDIERS, THE DESCENT and DOOMSDAY is rumored be in the running to direct the Robert Rodriguez produced continuation of the PREDATOR franchise, appropriately named PREDATORS. I’m telling you right now there is NO ONE on earth more suited to direct a bad-ass, hard R, much needed entry into this franchise than Marshall. If they give this guy the reigns he will blow people to the back of the theatre. Plus you can pretty much guarantee it’ll be the first PREDATOR film with a really strong female lead. Here’s hoping I get to see Rhona Mitra kick some “ugly mother f*&#er” ass sometime soon.

*Kraven the Hunter and / or the Kingpin may be the villains in the SPIDER-MAN 4. Look, SPIDER-MAN 3 SUCKED, but with DRAG ME TO HELL Sam Raimi proved he still knows how to put on a hell of a show. I can totally see the studio wanting to go with The Kingpin so they can tell a badass DARK KNIGHTish crime saga and if handled properly that could make for a pretty darn great SPIDER-MAN movie. Let’s just hope they leave Raimi alone this time and let him work his magic, it did wonders for the first two films in the franchise. Here’s hoping they’re smart enough to realize that.

And that’s just a few of the things that have peeked my interest at the moment. I may start chiming in on this stuff from time to time depending on my level of excitement. Either way here’s hoping we’ve got some pretty movies coming our way.

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Senor Granto said...

Bond- Loved Casino, not so much Quantum which was a little too close to Bourne for my tastes. Although I do like Morgan being brought on board since I think that Purvis and Wade got a little bored on the last one.

The A-Team- I agree, Singleton's done nothing decent since the 90's and Carnahan's way more suited than him. I love Neeson but its kind of hard to imagine him as Hannibal unless they're re-imagining the character? Cooper as Face should be interesting though.

Green Lantern- No idea why this one has gotten delayed so many times. I'd love to see DC give adapatations to all their major characters like Marvel has been over the last decade.

Predators- More good news, as long as its better than the last two than I'm happy. I wish John McTiernan would return but he hasn't been good in awhile now.

Spider-Man- I read that too and that it would be a "New York centric villian". WTF? That could pretty much be anyone. If it IS The Kingpin, I hope its someone other than Micheal Clarke Duncan and more closer to the original comics character even though its hard to think who would play him. I'm not sure how they would do Kraven since he was such a wild character to begin with but hopefully they have something good in mind. I would have loved to have seen Carnage but after seeing how Raimi handeled Venom in the last one, that's probably a really bad idea. Although, if the series does get picked up by another director and they want a Batman Begins/Dark Knight reboot I think they could do amazing things with him but its clear that Raimi wouldn't know how to treat him with the kind of respect he deserves.