Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ocars and all that jazz!

Ok, I’d be remiss if I didn’t chime in with my thoughts on the biggest night in Hollywood.

Anyone that has talked to me over the past several weeks (Or during the course of the show or you know read this blog) knows that I was pretty unhappy with the choices for this years Oscar nominees. I thought they showed a lack or originality and served to display how out of touch the Academy has become with the ideas of great film making in general. As such I can not think of a time in my life where I’ve less looked forward to the Oscars than this year. I mean for the first time in probably at least 5 years I didn’t even bother seeing all the films that were nominated for Best Picture simply because I couldn’t care enough to do so. With all that in mind what did I think of this year’s ceremony? IT WAS A BALL!

Simply put a great presentation of the award’s show almost completely made up for the lack of quality or my apathy towards the films being honored this year. My hats are off to ever single person that had anything to do with the show. While I can’t say it was any shorter than it has been in past years it sure as heck seemed to move like it was and it kept things pretty interesting right from the get go. The sets and stage design were beautiful, immaculate, grandiose and yet somehow offered a very intimate feeling between the presenters and the nominees. Michael Giacchino (The 3rd best film composer in the business at the moment) doing the music was inspired. Having a cavalcade of best actors and actresses present the awards and call out everyone was touching and amazing. I love the fact that they at least acknowledged the other genres of film that exist (Such as action and comedy) and by throwing the bits with the dudes from PINEAPPLE EXPRESS and Ben Stiller as a guy who works at a “Hasidic meth lab” into the fray they more than made up for the lack of a stand-up comedian as the host this year. Which brings me to Hugh Jackman!

While I loved the idea of Hugh Jackman as host in theory I can’t help but admit that I was more than a little wary about the whole thing as well. I mean in my lifetime pretty much all I’ve known are the likes of Billy Crystal, Steve Martin, Jon Stewart and so on as Oscar hosts. Well, bar none next to Billy Crystal the best I’ve witnessed since I began watching the show is Hugh Jackman. No ifs, ands or buts about it Wolverine brought the house down and flat out kicked every form of ass imaginable. He was funny, he was sincere, he brought a wow, movie star quality to the proceedings that hasn’t been there in a long time and he made the entire thing come alive anytime he started singing and dancing. Getting Bill Condon and Baz Luhrman to help orchestrate everything along with him were some of the most inspired ideas the Academy has had in recent memory.

There’s no doubt in my mind that despite the spectacular show that was put on that this broadcast will go down as one of, if not the lowest rated of all time. That however is due to the movies that were nominated not the show itself. My hats are off to everyone involved and I can only hope the Oscars learn from this year, not only in how they do the show, but the in the movies they nominate as well. Until then Hugh, Bill, Baz and everyone else, thanks for making it all more than bearable. I promise me and a few of my friends will be there in person soon enough.

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Anonymous said...

Jackman was an interesting choice for the host but I'm glad they're finally starting to look elsewhere than the stock ones they've used in recent past award ceremonies.