Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I'm going to Europe in 2 days. My travels will keep me there until right after the Oscars. I am incredibly disappointed that I'll be missing the broadcast this year. I would watch them from London, but they'll be on at something like 4 in the morning there. While I would go for it if it was up to me, I'm with 4 other people in close quarters, and they probably wouldn't appreciate me huddled in front of the television keeping them awake. I'm not sure how much internet access I'll have, but I will do my best to get my official predictions done before the broadcast. It's looking kind of anticlimactic this year though, to be honest. I'd be incredibly grateful to anyone who would Tivo the broadcast so I can watch when I get back. I'm very interested to see what they're doing different this year.

If only I could go to the movies in Paris. That'd be perfect.

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Senor Granto said...

Sorry I don't have a Tivo, I'm so 20th century.

But hope you have a great trip! Business or pleasure?

Be sure and take lots of pics, be safe, and have fun. : )