Sunday, January 24, 2010


AVATAR raked in another $36 million dollars this weekend to remain at the top of the box-office heap for the sixth week in a row. Take into account what the film has brought in overseas and Cameron has quite literally outdone himself. AVATAR is now the world wide number one grossing movie of all time. The only record yet to fall is TITANIC’s domestic gross but AVATAR is only about $50 million away so it’s really only a matter of time.

On this site we try not to get too much into box-office grosses yet this is the second time we’ll have talked about AVATAR in this fashion and its simply because, how could you not? I remember Megan and I discussing that it would take nothing short of a miracle for AVATAR to make its ridiculously gigantic budget back and how this could very well be the film that forced Cameron to reign in his VERY expensive visions, at least a little bit. Obviously nothing could be further from the truth.

James Cameron has now made the two highest grossing movies of all time. Between TITANIC and AVATAR alone he’s made close to $3 billion dollars if not more. At this point the sky’s the limit for him. No one will tell him no, and why should they?

I am utterly convinced Cameron’s next movie will be filmed in real, honest to God outer space. His characters will fire fully operational, working laser guns and it will star the reanimated corpses of Abraham Lincoln, Elvis Presley and Gandhi. Of course they will be fighting actual dinosaurs brought to life via the technology Michael Crichton postulated about in JURASSIC PARK. Think I’m crazy? Right now any studio in Hollywood would drown their first born in a tub filled with dolphin sweat and angel tears, while allowing Conan O’Brien to beat Jay Leno and every moronic NBC executive within an inch of their life with the Triumph the Insult Comic Dog puppet if Cameron wanted. Cameron has proven that you really can still draw insane amounts of people to the theatre, multiple times. That may not make him the “King of the World”, but it sure as heck makes him the King of Hollywood. I stand in awe.

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