Friday, January 8, 2010

2009 in Review

It's that time, folks. I figured that, instead of writing something up, I'd rather tell you directly, face-to-screen style. I've got 3 categories: 2009's best films, 2009's films on the backburner, and the worst film of 2009.

Best of 2009

Films on the Backburner

The Worst Film of 2009

Leave a comment. You're bound to have some thoughts on my list, one way or another. (wink)


Rick said...

I agree, Star Trek sucked and at least in 2012 we will have the sequel to it to say that it sucks more. Can't below they are working on a sequel for it.

Chris W said...

You can't believe they're working on a sequel for it? The sucker made an anstronomical amount of money world wide and was loved by ALMOST all critics and regular movie goers alike. The DVD has sold through the roof, etc... why wouldn't they make a sequel. Look, I'm not trying to start an arguement here and I can see where people will say they didn't like it as a STAR TREK movie (I think they are WAY WAY WAY wrong and coming from the wrong perspective but I'll allow it) but I honestly don't see how anyone can say it was a bad MOVIE. TWILIGHT, NEW MOON, BATMAN & ROBIN, CUTHROAT ISLAND, TRANSFORMERS 2 those are bad MOVIES. They're poorly made, written, directed, acted, etc. STAR TREK may not be one's cup of tea but I don't think anyone can deny it's a bad MOVIE. It's well acted, directed, written, shot... the special effects are awesome. I can take someone thinking it's a bad STAR TREK movie... but not a bad movie... that just doesn't make sense. And like I said if you can't believe they're working on a sequel you perhaps need to pay little closer attention to well... movies.

Adam said...

I completely understand why they're going to make a sequel, even though it makes me sad. See though, Chris, you often say things like "I don't see how anyone can deny . . ." when the thing is that, as you know, everyone has a slightly different definition of what makes something "good" or "bad." For my money, Star Trek is not well-acted, certainly not well-written, and is adequately directed (although how many lense flares can one person really use?). Obviously, you disagree, which is fine. However, to come across and say that there's just no way that someone can say that it's a bad movie is a bit idealistic and short-sighted.