Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Podcast Phenomenon

Doc's Day 54
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So I am more than a little obsessed with movies; this has bled into all aspects of my life so it is no surprise that with the invention of the iPod I found more than one way to bring the world of movies onto my iPod. A major way I have done this is through podcasts; some are better than others and I thought I'd share some of my favorites here.

Baz Luhrmann: Set to Screen: This is a limited time podcast brought to iTunes because of Baz's upcoming film Australia. Baz has an introduction to every video podcast and each features an inside look on some part of the production.

KCRW's The Business Podcast: This podcast is basically The Hollywood Reporter light. It focuses on the news worthy items of Hollywood not the rumor inducing things. Usually the host will interview someone in regards to a big Hollywood topic; he has interviewed everyone from the presidents of SAG & AFTRA post the AFTRA contract, and film directors.

Movies You Should See: I adore this podcast, it is always entertaining. Movies You Should See is created by several Brits who pick a film and discuss that film and anything else film-related that happens into the conversation. I have to say that thus far my two favorite episodes are Jaws where one of the boys talks about how he thinks the film's subtext is about America's fear of Britian invading again, and the Superman podcast where they pointed out things about the first movie that even a Superman geek like me could laugh at.

Out of the Past: Investigating Film Noir: This tends to be one of my favorite film podcasts. I am a freak and I enjoy this podcast because it is an intellectual, in-depth discussion on one film and how it affects the body of film noir. Because of this podcast I have discovered a lot of great films that are very obscure and I have to say that I enjoy this podcast partially because I usually agree with the authors.

Seen Unseen Movie Reviews: This can be an entertaining podcast, but it's about 50/50 - which the name kind of implies. The concept of this podcast is they review recent releases, but only one half of the team sees the movie so the other bounces their thoughts about the movie off of an unbiased member of the viewing public.

The Hollywood Saloon: I greatly enjoy this podcast; it is the guilty please of podcasts and of all the podcasts I listen to they by far have some of the longest episodes ever. They merely pick a topic and discuss it in great and usually humorous (if you're a Hollywood/film feak) detail. My favorite episode is ROUGH CUT #7 - Roland Emmerich...Why?, followed closely by Kiss Kiss, SHANE BLACK.

Watching the Directors: I think the name implies most of the important things about this podcast. In each episode Joe & Melissa the husband and wife duo pick a director that has at least 5 films in their catalog and break down the goods, bads, and uniqueness of said director. This podcast is now retired, but I reccomend downloading the old episodes.

Watching Theology: This podcast is again by Joe & Melissa. Again this is another defunct podcast, but it is worth finding. Joe & Melissa approach a film from a Christian perspective and break the film down to see a religious bend for the film.

All of these podcasts are available on iTunes and I also reccomend checking out Podcast Alley.


apostleX said...

glad you have enjoyed the Podcast. Thanks for the mention. - Andy, from the Hollywood Saloon

Anonymous said...

Will do, I have an ipod that I use daily but I never got into Podcasting for some reason or another. I'll change that now.