Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paul Newman

As most people woke up to discover this morning another of the Hollywood legends has passed on, Mr. Paul Newman.

In his 83 years of life, Paul Newman voiced a animated car, played a mob boss, a pool shark, a hockey player, a cop, an angry youth and most importantly to me an outlaw named Butch Cassidy. He was an actor, entrepreneur, race car driver and philanthropist. One of the people in the business that actually seemed to enjoy their career and want to use their influence for the good of others not just to get himself ahead.

Paul Newman was a great actor and a good man and he will be missed; luckily for us the characters he played will live on forever.

Recommended Viewing: Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid and The Sting


darrell a. harris said...

newman was like fine wine . . . not just like one, but many.

he was great in his youth, like a beaujolais that needs to be drunk as young as possible. ("long hot summer" and "hud" for instance.")

but he was also like some california cabs & zins that need some time in the bottle, but are best before all the tannins fade. ("sting" and "butch" for instance.)

and he was also like some fine old bordeaux, who are best after sometimes decades in the bottle. ("road to perdition" and "nobody's fool," for instance.)

he is proof that there still are . . . giants in the earth.

Anonymous said...

Like someone said on TV a minute ago "He had many interests and suceeded in everything he set out to do". Not too many people can say that about their lives nor boast his considerable accomplishments in philantrophy.

Anonymous said...

I was just about to ask if you could put in a feature here to ID whoever wrote the entry but then I just noticed that there is at the bottom.

I'm glad that everyone has their own style of writing and I was surprised that I guessed who's entries were who's before I checked them in light of the fact that Adam is the only person who's writings I am already familiar with.

Keep up in the good work and I'll keep checking back here.