Thursday, September 11, 2008

Movies vs. Film

I'm the Film Ninja. If you find yourself in a theatre with me, you best follow some simple rules, or you will have one ticked off ninja on your hands:

1. No talking during the movie. If you can't figure out the plot, it's probably because you were talking five minutes ago.
2. Turn off your cell phones. The whole point of going to the movies is to escape reality for a little bit.
3. Don't leave during the movie. If you can't hold it, you shouldn't have gotten the Large $10 drink in the first place. You'll miss an important plot point, have to ask about it, and in the process, remind me once again that reality still exists.

SIDENOTE: I believe that these rules should also be followed when watching a NEW movie at home, with the addition of one (watch it with the lights off - and no distractions, such as homework, laundry, or cooking).

I want to use this first post as an opportunity to explain how I feel about and categorize movies. It will be crucial to remember this when I express opinions about films in the future.

Many people criticize me for liking everything that I see. My general response is that "I can't help it if I make smart choices and don't see stupid movies." But the truth is that I have a wide range of taste, and generally see movies for entertainment value. If it meets what I'm looking for, I'm usually satisfied. Overtime, I've become more critical of movies. I'm not sure if this is from seeing a ridiculous amount of movies, or simply from the fact that I finally took classes on them in college . . . but most likely it's a bit of both. Regardless, I've come to the conclusion that there are movies, and there are films. The later is what I hold in higher regards.

It's hard to explain the difference between the two. But basically, I think that films have more developed characters, and a more artistic or at least deliberate view of the world that is being explored (whether it be color choice, how a shot is blocked off, or editing style - which tends to be my favorite).

The best example of this difference is BATMAN. The original by Tim Burton is a great superhero movie. BATMAN BEGINS and THE DARK KNIGHT are great superhero films!

Trailers are my favorite short films. A good preview usually means that I'll see the movie. And a good film usually ends up in my collection at home. I don't usually watch them when I buy them . . . I just can't imagine not having a copy.

Ok - that is a good intro to me. There will be more from me in the near future.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Agreed! Reminds me of this Robot Chicken sketch I saw awhile back where it was movie Batman instead of movie ninja that made everyone follows those rules.

FilmNinja said...

DUDE - Batman is the ultimate NINJA!!!

FilmNinja said...

DUDE - Batman is the ultimate NINJA!!!

Anonymous said...

Not so much in the Schumacher films, that codpiece and chiseled bat nipple plate are very inconspicous. XD