Monday, January 28, 2013

Tales from Park City - The Whole Shebang (2013)

Now that I've had several days to recuperate/thaw, I thought it'd be useful to archive Tales from Park City in a single post. To that end, you'll find a link to each piece below.

Tales From Park City - 2013

If you're so inclined, you can find the full archive of last year's SmackDance column here.


Whenever I go to a festival, I take my notebook. There are just too many films to keep track of to trust my memory to keep everything straight. This year alone, I saw 13 feature-length and 30 short films. Unfortunately, I realized too late that I'd left my favorite notebook at home, so I had to pick up another one upon arrival. 

Despite not having my battle-tested notebook on hand, perhaps the single thing that's most special to me about this year's trip is that I was able to take notes all week with my mother's pen. It means more than words can express, and I am thinking of her tonight.

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