Tuesday, February 23, 2010


SPEED RACER: Okay, I know this film is probably considered one of the biggest disasters of the last decade. I know this film is spit on by almost everyone. The problem is this; I honestly know only a handful of people that even bothered to see this movie. Obviously that’s one of the many reasons this movie failed, but it also says something. Very few people have actually given this movie a chance, thus ensuring they won’t fall in love with it. I know people think I’m off my nut when I talk about my love for this movie but honestly I have not talked to a single, solitary person that saw this movie and didn’t fall MADLY in love with it. And there-in lies the major issue with this movie. Because NO ONE saw it EVERYONE assumes it sucks. I swear to you nothing could be further from the truth.

Say what you will about the Wachowski brothers after the initial success of the first MATRIX film, but the guys always tend to make the exact kind of movie they want to make. Well, with SPEED RACER they wanted to make a live action cartoon and man oh man did they succeed!

Guaranteed you have never seen a movie like SPEED RACER. Lots of people have dabbled at bringing cartoon type ascetics, atmospheres, physics, etc. to real, flesh and blood, three dimensional life but until SPEED RACER no one ever really succeeded. When you watch the movie you are quite literally watching a live action cartoon. You are watching the infamous and world famous Japanese Anime come to life right before your eyes.

For its visuals alone SPEED RACER is worth watching at least once but the one thing that people seemed to ignore is that there is a genuine story mixed amongst all the flashy images. The thing that really drove SPEED RACER home for me (No pun intended) and everyone else that I know that saw it is that the film has a massive amount of heart. Ultimately the movie is about family and about pursuing your dreams and what makes you happy in life. That never really came across in any of the marketing campaign for the film but think about it, there had to be something other than a paycheck to attract the likes of John Goodman, Susan Sarandon, Emile Hirsch and Matthew Fox to the project. Not to mention the fact the Wachowskis were able to lure the brilliant Michael Giacchino into composing a truly amazing score that genuinely makes the film sore.

SPEED RACER is one of those rare films that I really think plays to all ages. No matter your age there is no way you can’t be blown away by the dazzling, whiz bang images that assault you every second of the movie. The film is completely clean with a great message that will hit children and adults alike exactly where they live.

There are several films throughout history that I think are criminally treated and this is one of them. It is all but impossible not to have fun and get into this movie. Sure there are a few silly elements but they are very few and far between and they still somehow all fit with the world the Wachowskis created. SPEED RACER is genuine, bonafide fun for the whole family that dazzles the senses and stirs the heart. I don’t know about you but that sounds like the kind of movie everyone should see.

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