Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Let's go to the movies!

Let's go to the movies!
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So I am already a member of the working world again. I have to say that after only a few days what I really miss is how much the day job interferes with my desire to be around the movies. When you are without a job you can go to the movies, pop in a DVD, read scripts, browse movie web sites, etc.

Now I have to actually get up at the same time every day, spend a chunk of the day behind a desk doing not movie related work, try to make it out of work at a decent hour where I dive into the details that must be done in every day life, and then try to get a good nights sleep.

Oh well, such is life.

I didn't complete the movie list I'd complied while I was trying to amuse myself (without a job) but my own little movie is still chugging away outside the day job.

What I can look forward to is that in April good movies start to come out, and May is going to be a really kick ass month at the movies.

Summer movies here we come!

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Anonymous said...

Here's hoping your film's a success or at the very least you can find something related to the cinema world to make a living.