Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In Memory: Natasha Richardson (1963-2009)

Tonight, a man has lost his wife, and two young men have lost their mother. Natasha Richardson died today of complications from a head injury sustained two days ago during her first ski lesson. It's so incredibly tragic to think that someone who only a few days ago was so full of life and vitality is now gone forever. I can only imagine how her family must feel right now. As trite as it might sound, it's through moments like this that I am reminded just how lucky I am to be alive, and how much of a gift each day is.

I'll probably remember her best as the mom from the remake of The Parent Trap. I always liked her character. She managed to make Elizabeth James deeply pragmatic, very attractive, and touchingly vulnerable, all at the same time. My favorite moment with her on screen is probably when Dennis Quaid tells her at the end of the film that she doesn't have to be so brave all the time, and she says, "Oh, but I do . . ." and then they kiss. It's as wonderfully romantic a moment as I've seen in a movie.

I know that nothing I can say here will be enough to encompass the gravity of the loss of a life. I extend my thoughts and prayers to her family. I am so deeply sorry.


LittleDreamer said...

I was hoping you would write something Adam. I knew it was you by the first sentence. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Like Heath Ledger last year, this was one that you never saw coming. I always imagined her living to an old age like her mother and maybe acting alongside her kids someday.