Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Love at first bite???

I know my eyes are closed in the initial frame of the video. Don't mock me.



chewie19926 said...

It is as much a question to me as it is to you as to why this pop culture phenomenon is so "amazing" and a big hit with today's audiences. (Mostly the female population...) Anyways, I too have looked at the book, if even just a few pages, and it doesn't seem interesting, deep, or as truly significant a love story as its cracked up to be. (I totally agree with you on that stalker title though.) So yeah, there's my input, hope you enjoyed reading it. :P

Megan said...

I can tell you that I will be seeing New Moon and the strange thing is I am really, really not looking forward to it. I actully want to see it because I want to see what a different director will do with the material and if it can be translated to screen better. I kind of doubt it from the footage I've seen...so I will NOT be going opening weekend.

Thanks for the plug BTW, you're right - Twilight is a movie I can learn a ton from because of how poorly done it is. The saddest part is I know a lot of people that will tell me Twilight is so poorly done, and yet they love it to pieces. I don't get that.

Dan said...

I agree completely with the whole Twilight. And speaking to some friends who are near obsessed, I wonder to myself if I'm going crazy for not liking it. Thanks Adam, you just secured my sanity.

Also; I have a blog of film reviews. It's my first pop at reviews, but I've recently decided that every Wednesday (my day off at college) I'm going to do a review on it. They're not all new films. It's just I watch a few films every week, and I enjoy reviewing them and getting my opinion out there.

Here's the link to mine:

I understand if you don't think it's so good, but I'm still at the starting stage.

Tell me what you think anyway. I should be reviewing another tonight too.

Heather said...

As requested, my opinion:

Edward Cullen is sooo stalker! Creep-a-zoid! When I watched the Twilight movie that is what I said. (y'all can totally imagine this, right? I'm sitting on the couch in front of the big screen TV laughing hysterically going "OMG He's a stalker!!! hahahaha! That’s illegal you know! hahaha Edward dearest is gonna go to jail!!! hahahahaa Stalker!" Funniest part in the whole movie! Oh, no, the bad guys crab-crawling was funnier, but by then I was already blue in the face. hehe)

don't you love how we have moved on from the prince charming (a random stranger will make your normal, slightly boring, and/or abusive life into a wonderful dream forever and ever) to bad boy turned lover (who is telling you in between kisses that he has an uncontrollable desire to kill you but can't stop stalking you AND THEN you say it's ok because you love him too. ... .... .... ..............................that's what we have restraining orders for!) Hello, people, this is the future of America! Because boys learn how to treat women based on how their mom allow themselves to be treated. I cannot complain enough. Argh!!!!!! Moms are taking their daughters to go see that? And I'm not talking about like teenagers, I'm talking 8 yr olds. What? What is this? And people wonder how come girls have self esteem issues. no duh. If you are a starry-eyed teenager and you like that, ok that's fine; you'll run your head into the wall of reason someday. But if you’re a 30-50 yr old taking 8, 9, 10 yr old daughter/granddaughter, shame on you. You should know better....

And all the ladies who are gonna get mad: if the boy is trying to stay away from you because he thinks he WILL kill/hurt you and doesn't want that to happen, he doesn't need your way of love forced in his face, miss let's-make-the-temptation-worse-love-will-find-a-way. The boy needs a therapist! Leave the poor boy alone!

And no, I didn't read the books (two words: grad school), and yes, I know it is just a movie and it is for entertainment purposes only. But 8 yrs old?!!! Come on
And why was everything so grey??!!! Can't you use other colors? It's depressing. And the CG sucked. and the editing sucked, and the script, and the acting, and the wardrobe, sucked, and the plot, and the lighting, and the character development, and the acting, that stupid breathing thing, the directing, and the script, and plot, and the music, not the songs but the placement of the songs more so, and the editing sucked, and the script, and the acting

This part was a reply to my friend's comment on another site:
The whole twilight having different vampires {i.e. no garlic/buring in sunlight/etc} was cool except that they messed it up in the movie with the acting, script, etc.

Good point on the girls {teenaged middle schoolers/high schoolers} wanting guys to stand up/fight for them. Problem is: what is it that these girls are wanting guys to fight against? Do you need your boyfriend to save you from a vampire? Being hit by a car? A boring everyday life?

Side note: Girls are so big on the knight-on-a-white-horse. But in all honesty, you cannot make someone love/care about/risk his life for you. You can only be yourself, be strong, stay true to your guns, and after some time you will be surrounded by people (male and female) who love/care about you and are willing to go to battle with you side by side. Be a person worth protecting, ya know. There aren't many movies that show that aspect of life to kids/teenagers I think…

And that's the end of my rant. Thank you

Chris W said...

First of all Heather... greatest post ever! Secondly I've already more than said my peace about the whole TWILIGHT phenomenon in another post but what the heck I'm going to rant again. The more I find out about the series, the more I see the first movie, the more I see from the second movie and so on the more I am convinced that it is literally one of the worst things EVER. NO ONE SHOULD BE SEEING THESE MOVIES!!! At the end of the day they are based on a TERRIBLE series of books. A series of books written by some bored and lonley housewife who just happened to luck into having the right people read and somehow like her complete other garbage of a story. With each passing day I am more and more convinced that at some point in the future, hopefully sooner rather tahn later that everyone that is swooning over all this crap now is going to wake up and realize how trully GOD AWFUL, UNFORGIVABLY BAD all of this is! I'm really hoping that it happens sometime during one of the next few movies because I really don't think it's going to take much for people to wake up and go "Oh dear God this may be one of the silliest, most mindless stories ever committed to any sort of perminant medium, this writer needs to have every square cent stripped from her name and then be cast into a world where she can never even come remotely close to even thinking about telling an amusing anecdote much less a story ever again!" Do you have any idea how much anger seeths inside of me becuase without a doubt two of the biggest if not THE two biggest films of the year will be the unwatchable drek that is NEW MOON and a half-assed, rush job of a documentary about a dead pedophile called THIS IS IT? Seriously if there was a way I could legally find every copy, every negative of these two films and burn them all up before they could rape anyone's eye sockets I would. Sorry for the vitrile but God this is pissing me off!

LittleDreamer said...

Did you know your eyes are closed?