Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Season of "Prestige"!

Hey there boys and girls! September is right around the corner and you know what that means. Fall movie season is here! This is the time of year where all the studios try to make you forget how they pounded your brain with endless explosions and special effects in their tent-pole, ludicrously budgeted, summer blockbusters by parading all their “Prestige Pictures” before your eyes. These are the films that are supposedly much more high minded, serious and important than the popcorn fair we’ve been exposed to over the last several months. As usual whether that holds true or not remains to be seen, but for your reading pleasure and movie consuming enjoyment here’s just a few of the titles that I’m hoping will end this year with a bang.

AVATAR: If you read this blog regularly you know my thoughts on this film already. At the moment there is no film I am anticipating ore than this one. I think Cameron may very well have another masterpiece on his hands and guaranteed it will be unlike anything else we’ve ever seen.

SHERLOCK HOLMES: I love Sherlock Holmes and this film looks like it’s going to spread that love to the world at large. Like AVATAR I saw footage from this at Comic-Con and it looks like it’ll be a blast. The casting on every level is perfect and it should be lots of fun to see what Guy Ritchie does with a nice big budget in a mainstream film.

WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE: Laugh all you want but I’m almost positive this will be one of the films that will get its name called a lot when they’re revealing the Academy Award nominees in late January. This film looks so amazing on so many levels I don’t even know where to start. Trust me this one will e something special.

THE INFORMANT: A chubby Matt Damon AND Steven Soderbergh, that’s all I need to know.

THE INVETNION OF LYING: This film written, directed and starring Ricky Gervais has me sold just based on the concept alone. Gervais lives in a world where lying doesn’t exist. One day he discovers how to do it and hilarity ensues. Just the thought of what the always brilliant Gervais can and will do with this concept makes me laugh already. Throw in a cast that includes Jennifer Garner, Tina Fey and Jason Batemen and there’s simply nothing you could do to get me to stay away from this one.

COUPLES RETREAT: The trailer for this film makes me laugh out loud every time I see it. This is the first film written by Jon Favreau to star both him and his partner in crime Vince Vaughn since MADE. Every time these guys get together they seem to create comedy gold and I don’t see this flick being any different.

A SERIOUS MAN: First of all if you haven’t seen the trailer for this movie yet I HIGHLY recommend you seek it out. It’s one of the most uniquely original and awesome trailers I’ve ever seen. I really have no clue what the film is about but it’s done by the Coen Brothers and that’s all I… or anyone else needs to know.

ZOMBIELAND: The more I see for this film the more I fall in love with it. It looks to be a fun rollercoaster ride (Maybe literally) zombie movie. I think this one’s going to be lots of fun. Here’s hoping it lives up to my expectations.

THE ROAD: The novel may very well be one of the 10 best books I’ve ever read. This is one of those movies that can go either way. If they do it wrong it will be REALLY bad. However if they do it right we could have a modern classic on our hands. The fact that the film stars Viggo Mortensen and is directed by the guy that made THE PROPOSITION gives me hope, but this one’s tricky so I’ve got my fingers firmly crossed until I see just how they bring Cormac McCartney’s masterpiece to life.

NINE: If you’ve seen the trailer for this film or know the amount of ludicrous talent behind and in front of the camera you KNOW this things gonna get nominated for all kinds of stuff. If you don’t I highly recommend you educate yourself right quick.

FANTASTIC MR.FOX: Wes Anderson making a stop animation film; there! It stars the voice talent of George Clooney, Meryl Streep and Bill Murray; double there! If you’ve seen the trailer for this film you know that it looks like Anderson has brought everything that makes him uniquely… him into this children’s tale and I can’t think of anything more awesome.

THE BOX: Fun, creepy goodness from Richard Kelly. This thing looks like a great long lost episode of the TWILIGHT ZONE made into a feature film. This should be lots of trippy fun.

THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS: If the Coen brothers made a film about the military-industrial complex I think it might look a lot like this. This film looks hysterically weird and oddball and with George Clooney, Ewan McGregor, Jeff Bridges and Kevin Spacey it may have the best cast of any movie coming out this fall.

THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG: Disney’s return to hand drawn animation. Nuff said!

THE LOVELY BONES: Everyone and their mother seems to love the book and it’s directed by Peter Jackson. The trailer is breath-taking; I don’t see how this film won’t light up the Awards circuit come the end of the year.

UP IN THE AIR: George Clooney in a film written and directed by Jason Reitman, I don’t see any way this movie could be bad.

INVICTUS: Clint Eastwood once again proves that he is the man and that he will NEVER stop by making this movie starring Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela and Matt Damon as a rugby player involved in the 1995 World Cup. This sucker has Oscar written all over it.

CAPITALISM: A LOVE STORY: Say and think what you will about Michael Moore but the idea of him taking on the big banks and companies that helped flush our nation’s economy right down the toilet should be interesting if nothing else.

AMELIA: Could be great and give Hillary Swank another shot at an Oscar or could be just a middling bore like so many other biopics. Here’s hoping for the former.

A CHRISTMAS CAROL: I saw footage of this one from Comic-Con as well and it looks to be an eye-popping visual treat.

NINJA ASSASSIN: People that have seen footage from this one say it looks to be an epically awesome, kick-ass, kung-fu / Ninja movie. The fact that it’s done by the Wachowski Brothers and their defacto director James McTiegue leads me to believe that’s exactly what it will be.

I know I left some movies off the list and I REALLY wish I could put SHUTTER ISLAND on it but apparently Paramount decided to move it to February which makes me very cranky. Regardless, hopefully this gives you an idea of some of the possible treats that await us in the theatre over the next couple of months. There have been some pretty spectacular films that have come out so far this year that will be very hard to top, but here’s hoping these at least give them a run for their money.


Megan said...

Say what you will about The Invention of Lying but I don't get that trailer. It had me confused and scowling more than anything else.

Lovely Bones...I hated the book. Thought it was morbid, disgusting and strange. I will not be seeing the movie and I think the trailer is terrible because it shows you the film in order.

As for Michael Moore's films - you're on your own there.

Anonymous said...

Really looking forward to The Princess and The Frog, visually its up to par with their 90's films and I hope it is storywise too.