Friday, July 24, 2009

Con: Warner Bros pt 2

NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET: While I am not big on remakes it is no secret that Wes Craven's original Nightmare needs an update. This time the filmmakers have expanded Freddy's story (hopefully giving him needed motivation) cast Jackie Earl Hayley in the part of Freddy & the film does look very frightening. Hayley is a camelon & keeps on proving it.

THE BOX: Richard Kelley is not for everyone but if you luv him support this movie. Set in the 70's husband & wife (Cameron Diaz & James Marsden) are given a proposition - press the button in the box they are given & they will get a million $ but 1 person on on the planet will die. They push the button & Kelley's stylized maddness ensues. Diaz accidently gave away a spoiler but I am still hugely interested in the film.

JONAH HEX: Based ona comic I know nothing about this is a supernatural western starrong an anti-hero played by Josh Brolin. The footage looked damn entertaining & Brolin appears to be a great, fun guy. This could be cool.

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Senor Granto said...

Was real curious about Elm Street but I think I was still in line when this was going on.