Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hear ye, hear ye. . .

I wanted to let you know about a few things that are going on around here. First, Megan, FilmNinja, and I are all really grateful for everyone who has taken the time to read the blog. We're especially thankful for your comments. If you see something that interests you, or if you think that the post made a completely ridiculous point, please take a moment and comment. The three of us love what we're writing about, and would LOVE the chance to enter into a dialogue with you about it.

Second, we've added a team member to the blog. If you've read his guest article about Aliens, then you're already familiar with the writing of Mr. Christopher Welch. In the future, he's going to be contributing to all of our monthly features, and he'll post rants just as the rest of us have and will continue to do.

Third, if you read the blog regularly and haven't already, please feel free to sign up as a reader. By doing so, you'll receive a link to every new post on your blogspot dashboard. Also, if you know anyone who might enjoy the blog, take a moment and shoot them an email, text, or phone call. We'd love the opportunity to write for a larger audience, and you could be a big part of making that happen. Finally, please let us know if there's anything that you'd like to see us write about or if there's something that you think we could do better.

The rest of the year certainly looks like an exciting one for the movies. I'm really looking forward to seeing films like Australia, The Reader, Revolutionary Road, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Here's hoping it's as great a race to the finish as it was last year. Thanks for reading and I'll see you at the movies.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, I would have replied sooner but I had trouble getting into this account. I'll be sure and stop by here every week or so and see what you all have to say.

I hope to go back to Grad School in the fall or so to get my master's in film so this is a nice way to stay in touch with that part of my life as I had a lot of good memories of my time at CSUF.

Glad to see Christopher is on board too, I really liked his Aliens article.